Thread Lifts the future of youthful fountain


Want to know what a thread lift is?

A thread lift, also known as a sutrue lift, is a non surgical tool to create the effect of a surgical face lift. You are using threads with suture material to pull up the skin and negate the effects of gravity. Its a great way to minimise harm to the skin whilst ensuring collagenesis is allowed to take place. It uses threads, which is made of dissolvable suture material which can pull into position the sagging skin and make it look fresher and much brighter. The brighter the look of thread lifts melbourne then the more benefits you are going to have as it is aesthetically the best tool we have. Best of all its a low side effect procedure.

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This technique has been developed over years and is now being used by some of the best surgeons going around. And if you don’t believe me then you watch out. the sagging of the soft tissues of the face caused by
ageing.  They successfully developed a way of using fine but strong, suture material placed in the subcutaneous fat just beneath the skin
in a procedure that is minimally invasive.

How does thread lifting the new way, compare with older techniques?

The old way of doing a face lift with sutures and surgery is a very arduous procedure that takes too long, the skin is taken off and then excised. Don’t have this done to your face because it increases complication rates and in the end you don not want to cause damage to your face. In Australia with the use of thread lift Melbourne, you are able to allow the skin naturally heal and this is the benefit of having threads. It is better than having to go under a general anesthetic and have surgeons crowd around the table and cut your skin. If they cut in the wrong spot then thread lifts are going to be used any way to repair your face as even they realise how powerful these sutures can be in repairing the skin.

The changes in the skin with thread lifts are going to be astonishing and if you don’t believe us then you must have a look at the people who have been doing this procedure. Tell me if you can notice that these people are having this treatment. That’s right, you won’t be able to tell this because we all in the world of aesthetic beauty know that the thread lifts are getting so good that they will allow for your skin to be maintained.

The anchoring of the skin will be between the side burn area and the chin. This allows for any potential puckering to be hidden in the skin. This is because we are actually having to lift the skin against a fibrous layer call the fascia. This is a process where the PLA ingredient of the thread can then proliferate and spread all across the skin and create collagenesis. The wow factor will come into play because your girl friends will be asking how in the world did you start looking so young. The secret is that this is a process which can only helpquestions about what you might have done surgically.

In other words, you still look like yourself because the tissues have been re positioned to where they were some years earlier.
The effect of lifting can be enhanced over the years to combat the continuous ageing process by simply adding further stitches, as you wish.

The result can be effectively enhanced with Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacingand Dermal Fillers.

What is involved with having a thread lift?

Thread lifts can be performed with or without intravenous sedation. Although, the procedure is not painful, some people may elect to have intravenous sedation if they would rather not experience or remember the procedure.

The first step in a thread lift is to determine the areas to be treated and the direction of the lift required. The direction of lift is determined by pulling back the skin, seeing what looks natural and rejuvenated, and then marking with a surgical marker the intended direction of pull.

Once we have put in the local aneasthetic, then you can insert the needle which has the threads. Our cosmetic doctors also add lignocaine to the point of insertion. Its great with adrenaline because it reduces any bruising or bleeding. This is important because people fear that threads can cause copious amounts of internal bleeding and bruising. Although this is not true, its actually sad that this doesn’t happen because bruising is essential to cause great amounts of collagen production.

The thread will then be introduced via the the hair linke and go behind the ear (depending on the area to be treated) to create the perfect lift. The threads are pass through the lower layers of the skin and brought back to the hair line. Its the perfect way for lifting the skin that has been sagging for years.