Please contact me if you would like to be on a waiting list as we may have openings for new ads after the June 1 primary.


Majority In Mississippi is pleased to announce that we have begun an initial offering of sponsorships. Our readership is growing at a rapid clip, they are internet-savvy, politically in-tuned, and would make a great audience for your political campaign, issue, or business. MIM has been featured in national blogs and websites such as The Clarion-Ledger, Politico, The Corner (National Review), Red State, and the Free Republic, and is regularly linked to at Y’all Politics and Magnolia Report.

The ads should be Mississippi-focused and of good taste. If you would like to advertise a national political issue, we will also consider that. Also, we reserve the right to deny any ad for any reason.

Space is limited as we do not want to fill the blog up with ads that turn people off. We currently have room for two ads only- a premium ad at the top of the sidebar and a standard and not far below it.